In the heart of downtown Montreal Le Chasseur offers an affordable bed and breakfast in a warm victorian house. Our rooms and suite can accommodate you, in comfort and security, alone, with your spouse or friend, or with your full entourage (up 18 persons) for a brief or prolonged stay with us.
Le Chasseur
Bed & Breakfast

1567 rue Saint-André
Montreal (Quebec)
H2L 3T5

tel.: 514.521.2238

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The French founded the city under the name Ville-Marie in 1642. Montreal increased its commercial assets due to the importance of its port, which was easely accessible by the St-Laurent river.

Second largest town in Canada after Toronto, Montreal groups together more than 40% of the Quebec population and about 65% of the industrial activity of the province (oil refining, aeronautical and railway equipments, electric construction, chemistry, textile insdustry).

Second largest French city in the World, Montreal is also a cultural city (theater, cinema, circus, museums) .

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Capture a bit of Montréal with a virtual visit - anytime, anywhere in the World. Montréal WebCam Network is the place to catch Montréal live. You see us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so stop by before you.


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